ANNOUNCING : The new Windows Dev Center

Frankly speaking what’s coming next, I didn’t write by myself, I got an email from the team at Microsoft Egypt, and I modified it, and here I am publishing it.



May 15, 2013: Today, we’re excited to announce the global launch of a redesigned Windows Dev Center. Today’s launch is across all markets with localized content available in 22 languages for building Windows Store apps.

In this release, we set out to inspire businesses, designers, and app builders to build for Windows and make it easier for them to navigate the site and find the resources they need. Key tasks and resources are highlighted by role while expressing the beauty, vibrancy, and design principles of Windows. Read this blog post on our public announcement.

What’s new with the Windows Dev Center

The redesigned Windows Dev Center includes Windows Store apps, Desktop apps, Internet Explorer, and Hardware. The Windows Store Apps section will greatly aid in promoting app builder content to businesses, designers, and developers with these new features:

  • Redesigned with more visual appeal that matches the personality of Windows and
  • New navigation and landing environments aligned by role and development cycle.
  • New sub-navigation to aid in discoverability of key resources.
  • New Get Started section with everything a first-timer needs to get going with apps.
  • New Design section for designers that’s more comprehensive and discoverable.
  • New Develop section for developers with key tasks and downloads highlighted.
  • New Market section includes tips for passing app certification, creating a Windows Store listing, marketing your apps, and evaluating telemetry data.


Promoting the Windows Dev Center

We’re promoting the launch of the redesigned Dev Center in the following channels. Please help draw awareness of all the Dev Center resources by pointing to the Dev Center content and our official tweets and blog posts.

  • Blog post: A new Windows App Developer Blog post Introducing a new Windows Dev Center experience is available in English, and will be localized into seven languages within one week.
  • Twitter: The @windevs and @msdev Twitter handles tweeted the launch.
  • Facebook: The MSDev global page will post and subs will post on the country-specific page.
  • Newsletters: The Windows Store newsletter will promote in the 5/16 issue and MSDN Flash newsletter will promote in the 5/20 issue.
  • Websites: In addition to the Dev Center itself, MSDN will promote with a homepage banner.

App Builder content guidelines

As a reminder, the Windows Dev Center is the single place where content is published on how to build Windows Store apps. Please remember these general content guidelines and review the detailed App Builder Comms Guidance for Windows 8.

  • Do NOT create new branded experiences or websites. Use your local campaign site or your MSDN blog as your brand instead.
  • DO promote official developer content in the Windows Dev Center and new blog posts from the official developer blogs: Windows Store for Developers Blog & Windows App Dev Blog.
  • DO contribute content to the Dev Center and promote local events and contacts using http://pubrequest.
  • Follow the Guiding Communication Principles outlined in the Developer Comms Guidance for Windows 8.

Send feedback

Site visitors can send feedback using the feedback links at the bottom of each page. Internal teams can submit content requests for bug fixes, localization issues, or new content at http://pubrequest.

Thank you!

Thank you to the Windows Content Publishing team (CPub) and the Windows Design team for driving the Dev Center redesign project. This release was made possible with the efforts of partners in DevDiv who are responsible for the MSDN platform. The team is grateful for the input and support of the REX leadership team and other members of the Windows engineering team, Windows International, the Windows Research team, the Windows BG, the Windows Ecosystem team, and field teams who work with app builders every day.

Coming soon…..

With BUILD 2013 a little more than a month away, there’s plenty more to come. The revitalized Windows Dev Center provides us a new foundation on which we will deliver outstanding end-to-end content for Windows Blue. Stay tuned!