Windows 8.1 Development resources

There are lots of cool features and improvements in Windows 8.1  so I prepared a one pager for Windows 8.1 resources toolkit that includes all links & resources in a one place.


Windows 8.1 Pro – You can install Windows 8.1 Preview using the ISO files (.iso) that are provided on this page.

Visual Studio 2013 for Windows 8.1 – Tool to build Windows store apps for Windows 8.1.

200 Win8.1 Sample AppPack– This package contains over 200 Win8.1 samples from Microsoft.

Windows Store App Design Assets– These .psd assets include templates,common controls and components.


Bing Maps BETA SDK for Windows 8.1 Store Apps– Binaries & programming ref for the Bing Maps Win8.1 Control

Player Framework – an open source component of the Microsoft Media Platform

Smooth Streaming Client SDK– consume On-Demand and Live Smooth Streaming content w/ PlayReady

Live SDK 5.4– The Live SDK provides a set of controls and APIs that enable applications to integrate Single Sign On
Multilingual App Toolkit for Visual Studio 2013 – Localize your Windows 8 app with translation support

Remote Tools for Visual Studio 2013 Preview –Remote debugging on computers that don’t have VS installed.


Upgrading Windows 8 Apps to Windows 8.1  – Breaking changes documentation from release preview

Windows 8.1 Preview: New APIs and features for developers – What’s new for developers in Win8.1 Preview

Get started with Windows 8Apps – get started building exciting apps that are alive with activity.

Get started with Visual Studio 2013 –development documentation for Visual Studio 2013

Get started with Blend for Visual Studio 2013– design UI/UX tool for your Windows Store Apps

Design UX for Windows 8.1 apps – Design principles, UX design patterns, detailed UX guidelines


Learn to build Windows 8 apps – This guide walks you through the essentials of writing your first app.

Developer forums – Developer forums for Windows Store apps covering designing, developing, and selling apps.

Selling apps in the Windows Store – Windows Store markets, developer agreements, and checklists to prepare.

Building Windows 8 blog (B8) – An inside look at how, what, and why different features of Win8 are being built.

Windows 8 app developer blog (D8) – Explores best practices for coding and designing Windows Store apps

Build 2013 – Windows 8.1 Sessions  – Windows 8.1 Keynote and all build session videos



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