Grow Your Windows App Revenue – Choose the Best Business Model

Double your revenue, Double your Joy


Thousand of developers develop a hundred of apps, but don’t know that he can double his/her revenue through this platform.

In this series of blogs I want to talk about the  Model to increase revenue opportunity and it’s steps.

Choose the Best Business Model

  • Publish your App
  • Market your App
  • Optimize your App


In today blog i will talk about how to choose your business model that match your app and can double your revenue.

To choose your best business model you have to know the different option the windows phone platform support.

1) Choose a business model – windows Phone support the below three options as a business model to get revenue from your app
– Paid
– In-App Purchase
– Mobile Ads

Paid Business Model: this Business model is used for apps that are leaders in their type of app.

let us see first the Paid apps best practices from using trials.

use Trial  94% of top 50 paid apps use it


These app experiences are very compelling, so users want to pay to continue using the app.

The trial gives enough of a ‘taste’ of the full app, but not too much that users don’t pay for the app.

Strategy 1: Time limited trial (3-7 days)

Strategy 2: Feature limited (levels, advanced options, etc.)



In-App Purchase Business Model: Business model for free apps that have high number of downloads and add value through in-app purchase

IAP apps best practices: Freemium model

What you have to do?

  • Provide multiple purchase packs at different prices. All should be easy to purchase
  • in-app purchase as part of the app design
  • Enable users to get some value through using the app, then extend with in-app purchase

Freemium model
In-app extends value through in-app purchase. IAP integrated as part of app design

Give users choice

  1. Users don’t need to purchase
  2. Options with more functionality
  3. Clearly explain value

There is two type of In-App Purchase


Digital items that is purchased once, owned forever


  • Maps
  • Game levels
  • Premium versions


Digital items that are ‘consumed’ as they are used


  • Game gold or credits
  • Book chapters
  • Ringtones

Paid+Trial  vs.  Free+In-app purchase


Mobile Ads: Business model for apps that are used many hours/day by the average user

What you have to do?

  1. Ads are not intrusive, designed as part of the app graphics
  2. One ad per page
  3. Set ‘Autocollapse’ to be true
  4. Choose ‘AutoRefresh’ or do manual refresh to optimize animations
  5. Trap exception, detect ad is not shown, then show your own ad, or another ad provider

Be Professional and Put your ads in the right place 

Make your Ads part of the design

  • One ad per page
  • Feels like it is part of the app
  • Flows up and down to show the app without the ad

Be Smart while displaying your ads 

  • AutoCollapse on
  • AutoRefresh Off (refresh every 40 seconds when no animation is happening)

Always show an ad

  • MS Ad Control, if there is no ad then
  • Ad Duplex, if there is no ad then
  • My Ad

How to add Microsoft Ads Control 

  1. Create Ad Units in PubCenter
  2. Add Ad Control to App


Elements to consider while making Ads

  • Analyze your app downloads per market
  • View current impressions delivered by MS Ad Control by market PubCenter*
  • Test Third Party Ad controls in markets where you see low coverage

Third Party Ad Controls That you can use

  • Ad Duplex
  • Ad Mob
  • Mob Fox
  • Smaato
  • Nokia Developer (NAX)
  • Ad Rotator
  • MillennialMedia
  • Inneractive
  • SmartMad
  • Inmobi

This is the first part of our serious of Grow Your Windows Phone App Revenue from choosing the best business model that maximize and double your revenue.

In the next blog we will talk about publishing your app and how to choose the markets that your app will be available at to grow your app revenue .

Feel Free to contact me if you have any question 🙂

Check the second blog “Publish your app


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