Why your Company Should Invest in a Mobile Application


The customers in today’s world are on the move and they’re using mobile application platforms to get there. Whether they use mobile phones, tablets, or other mobile devices they have all the information they need. That’s why mobile apps are so much important in today’s market.

Mobile Applications can increase your Brand Awareness, Customer Loyalty, and Annual Revenue

You will find below 5 reasons of why your company should invest in a mobile application.

People Spend More Time using Mobile Apps

Mobile users spend 89 % of the time using mobile apps. It also leaves 11 % for mobile web browsing. It’s prove why many businesses have mobile portal / responsive websites, but still they don’t consider mobile apps as a channel for their customers.

If your business don’t have a mobile application, you reducing your chances to reach more people to interact with your company using smartphones.

Mobile applications make it easier to your customers to navigate and reach to the content. This make them convenient and responsive to your offers.

Note: Expected 4.4 billion mobile users will use mobile apps by 2017.

Mobile Applications increase Brand Awareness, Customer Loyalty, Annual Revenue and build a strong relationships with the customers.

When users start to make the effort to download an application, it means they are really care and they’re already engaged with your brand. You can use this engagement and develop a real relationship and brand loyalty through your application. You can use it as a direct communication channel to deliver your message and your offering to them.

Include an easy way for customers to offer feedback on the app, your business, and their experiences interacting with your firm.

Also you have to include the direct messaging communication channel (push notifications) to deliver a free direct message to them using the mobile application to engage them more and gain the attention/interaction of this customers. this will allow you to gain more sales.

Listening to people’s about what they likes and dislikes gives a valuable insight into what you’re doing right and what you need to do better.

Note: Use these engaged consumers for research about new products ,developments and offers.

Apps Generate New Leads and Increase Sales

Most businesses think of apps as a great way to connect with their existing customers. but it’s a wrong though, people always downloading new apps every second and it’s a lead-generation potential.

If your app offers users real value, people will want to use it, even if they were previously unfamiliar with your brand.

A well-designed app can introduce a the user to your company/brand and turn someone unfamiliar with your firm into a loyal fan.

Through providing a channel to users to interact with your brand you will gain a huge opportunity to collect your users data through ex. registration.

Also via providing a full journey through your application, your customers will be able to engage more ,this engagement will lead them to be loyal and this will lead them to be a potential no they will be your next customer.

Mobile Apps Deliver Quicker Customer Support

No matter how cheerful your business/application may be, your customers don’t want to wait to know info’s. Instead, they’d rather get answers and information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

your application have to enable your business to provide a channel to your customers to support and answers the FAQs.

The result is a better experience for your customers and lower call volumes for your customer support staff.

It Gives You an Edge Over Your Competition

As we we discussed above, thousand of businesses don’t have a mobile app. If you do, you’re offering potential customers and loyal fans. Something that your competitors don’t have or offer.

Give yourself and your business a new edge a new channel to offer it to your customers.

Creating an app is a great way to appear more tech savvy and give your company the competitive edge it’s been looking for.

Make your business appeal to an ever-connected to your loyal and potential consumers.

This is just a 5 reasons for Why your Company Should Invest in a Mobile Application, but there is more reasons that make you invest and start create an application.

But keep in your mind

Mobile Applications can increase your Brand Awareness, Customer Loyalty, and Annual Revenue.


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