Grow Your Windows App Revenue – Publish your app

As i promised in my last blog we will keep talking about how thousand of developers develop a hundred of apps, but don’t know that he can double his/her revenue through this platform.

We will continue this series of blogs to talk about the  Model to increase revenue opportunity and it’s steps.

The first blog we talked about How to Choose the Best Business Model and we now we will talk about the next step of Grow your app revenue Publish your app

To help your app to gain a lot of downloads and grow it’s revenue you have to Create a high quality app, application that make your audiences and users become addict to this app.

a high quality app can contain one of this below characteristics

  • Beautiful graphics, sounds and music
  • Engaging, simple to use
  • Rock solid, no crashes
  • Usable by wide range of users
  • 4-star ratings or higher
  • Users love the app (rating comments)


FACTS: Windows Store: Largest commerce footprint*

  • Only one with 191 Markets
  • Only one with Alipay in China
  • Only one with +30 MO Billing Partners

And this facts leads to

  • All Markets support paid apps and in-app purchase
  • 20x More purchases with Alipay than Credit Card
  • 4x More purchases with MO billing than Credit Card


And now you have to ask yourself this question What markets are your apps published in?

FACT 12 of top 15 apps are published in >= 187 markets.


The Sales Penetration of the application will get higher for sure if you Published your app in all markets

This is the Second part of our serious of Grow Your Windows Phone App Revenue from how to publish your app to grow your app revenue.

In the next blog we will talk about optimize your app to grow it’s revenue .

Feel Free to contact me if you have any question 🙂

The first blog “Choose the best business model”  


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