Skype in Classroom


Today i had the first opportunity to speak within the skype in classroom program. I spoked with a class for English family in Italy aged 5-9 , they learn at home. the class from three kids who are self directed learners. It was great having a skype chat about what i’m doing and how i did it. they have a son who loves computers, loves Minecraft and gaming, he is 9 and they have two twin daughters who also are interested in computers, they have also all done a little bit of coding on The Khan Academy

Screenshot (2)

We had a conversation about coding and engineering, introducing for them Hour of code and how they can learn from it. Talking about technology and how it change life. how coding can change this family life. I also shared with them my experience and how i start programming from  higher school.

Screenshot (3)

the father and the mother was so great they supporting the kids and also have the same interest of loving technology and loving code. I really love this experience and I would like to speak with them again



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