Using Windows 8.1 SettingsFlyout control

Despite its name, the new SettingsFlyout control that comes with Windows 8.1 can be used as a normal flyout, like the one that is used, for example, by the official Twitter app for Windows Store:

setting flyout

If you want to show it independently you can use the following code.

  1. privatevoidButton_Click(object sender,RoutedEventArgs e)
  2. {
  3. var flyout =newMyFlyout{Width=646};
  4. // Opens the Settings flyout, and returns the user to the app
  5. // after the flyout is dismissed.
  6. flyout.ShowIndependent();



MEA Influencer Program

I would like to invite you into our MEA Influencer Program.

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MEA Influencer allows users to keep up with the latest community activities or look for the activities that they’re interested in. The application provides an easy to use interface where users can view the details of activities with features such as filtering, semantic zoom and snap view.

Users can easily filter blogs, events, screencast & applications by influencers title (MVP, MSP or Influencer), by their country and by their content language.
With Single Sing On- registered Influencers can also sign in to the application in order to submit their own activities. Due to influencers’ activities, they get points and they’re having a place at Leader Board, All Influencers can be listed by their countries as well.

If you based in on of Middle East & Africa country and wanted to be an influencer just request an access through application.

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zs z


“Designing UX for Windows 8 Apps” ويندوز 8 نصائح وخدع #1

th هو  مفهوم التصميم الجديد لويندوز 8 لتوجيه للمطورين والمصممين.

في هذا الموقع سوف تجد

التخطيط: وثائق لتوجيه المطورين للتخطيط الجيد لتطبيقات ويندوز 8 من حيث واجهه مستخدم جديدة، وميزات جديدة وقدرات جديدة.

إرشادات التصميم: الملاحة، التي تعمل باللمس والأوامر لأنماط واجهه المستخدم الجديده

إرشادات الفئات  تعليمات التصميم محددة لفئات؛ ألعاب والترفيه والأخبار والتطبيقات الإنتاجية

دراسات الحالة:إعادة التصوير لتطبيقات هواتف أبل الموجودة لديك والمواقع الحاليه لتطبيق نمط ويندوز 8

ممتلكات :أصول مهيأه التصميم، الوثائق والمعلومات و الرسوم المتحركة لمساعده المطور لفهم واجهه المستخدم الجديده